Tuesday, November 11, 2008

To craft, or not to craft: that is the question: Whether 'tis nobler to be a poor, fast leveling main, or a rich level 20 alt....

I brought Bloodshrike (BE) back to Silvermoon, and got those first five quests out of the way. It’s so much easier when you think strategically, instead of blindly doing all the quests you come across. Is it worth traveling across the map for 1 quest? No! Is it worth doing the Lunar festival event with all your toons? No! Well….maybe it’s worth doing it to get the waypoint in Moonglade, as well as the free teleport to capitol cities, but I don’t think I’ll bother with all the other quests. I think you have to be level 45 to get the schematic for the Firework Launcher, and even higher for the Cluster Launcher.

Hmmm…..I guess this would be a good time to level my first Bloodshrike (troll), as I could get a lot of the Coins of Ancestry easily, and get multiple schematics if they let me. That way I could sell the schematics on the AH. He’s level 40, almost 41, and I know that Dustwallow marsh would be a good place for him to level. It was easy for Bullkathos to level up there, and hunters have an easy time of it anyway. I haven’t checked the teleports, but maybe one of them takes you to Shattrath? Clockwrkmage (BE and gnome) should get the hearth for Shattrath then, so they can Hearth there, and be ready for when they level up enchanting.
For this new account on Darrowmere, I’ve rethought the idea, and I don’t think I’ll try to gain rep with Thunder Bluff. Maybe with Bloodshrike (BE), since she will be able to run faster with Aspect of the Cheetah, and hunters are my favorite class anyway. But it’s worth all my toons staying to kill the level 20+ boss in Deathholme, because the quest reward is pretty nice. It’s a tough fight though, so maybe I’ll have a guild member run me through it early, and be able to use the weapon for a longer period of time.

Do I want to take up all professions on this new server again? I’m not sure……
At low levels (1-225): Leatherworking brings in money from Toughened Leather Gloves (6-8g each), Barbaric Bracers (7-9g each), and Shadowskin Gloves (16-20g each). Blacksmithing brings in money from the Rods (silver can go for 2-3g, Golden for 4-6g, Truesilver for 6-8g, and Arcanite goes for 70-85g each. Shining Silver Breastplate can sell for 15-18 gold, and the Green Iron Hauberk can sell for 20-25 gold. It’s a way to make money if you spend most of your time in capitol cities playing the AH, but if you’re actually leveling and farming at the same time, you can probably make a lot more. Tailoring can bring in money from making bags (if you farm the mats yourself), and from some specialty items like Robes of Arcana (6-8g each), Shadow Hood (6-8g each), Truefaith gloves and Hands of Darkness (probably 3-4g each).

Tailoring does have a use, though. At level 215? I believe, you can make the White Bandit Mask, which is excellent for disenchanting for Vision Dust/lesser Nether Essence/Small Radiant Shards. You could take it up for nothing but that purpose, and still make a profit (unless someone screws the economy, like on Demon Soul….)
But, is it worth taking up the professions if I plan on actually playing? A stack of copper ore/bars can go for 2g pretty easily, and I usually come back with 3 stacks after grinding for an hour or so. 1 Silver ore can go for 1g each, since they’re used by Miners to powerlevel mining on a low level toon, usually funded by someone’s high level main character.
The grass is always greener on the other side, I guess. When I’m out leveling, I wish I had mining/skinning/herbalism to pick up the mats that I pass by, but when I’m at the AH, I wish I had a profession so I could sell a finished product on there, or be able to make materials that my other crafting professions need.

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