Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I’m at work, but they can’t make me work!

I got my Horde Rogue Thrillkiller from level 30 to 31 on Monday night, and cleared out all the Ashenvale quests that I’m going to do with him. I must say, dual-wielding Jade Serpentblade swords with Demonslaying on both of them made taking down the Infernals and other demons pretty easy. I might keep those swords in the bank for use in Desolace, even if I do upgrade my regular weapons in the meantime. I’m going to miss mining, but I’m going to keep Blacksmithing and take up Engineering at level 35. I was missing the ability to use my parachute cloak and bombs while I was questing. It was worth doing the Warsong supplies quest though, as I scored the leather Warsong boots which boosted my stats up significantly. I just need to sent Thrill some Vision dust so he can get a +5 stamina enchant on them.
On a side note, because of Christmas, there was a dearth of enchanting mats on Demon Soul. So, I put a high price on mats with Gwiddonyn, a fair price with Clockwrkmage, and went to bed with visions of Glowing Brightwood Staff and Gorehowl dancing in my head. :)
I checked Clock’s mail before I took off for Christmas dinner, and she went from 7 gold in the bank to 115 gold overnight! I had also started selling off Essences of Undeath, because I only need 1 for the Goblin Death Ray. Times that by 9 for my entire account, but I still have a ton I don’t need. At around the 300 level, I can use them for Blacksmithing recipes, but with how I’m NOT powerleveling Blacksmithing with either of my accounts, I should be able to farm my own by then. I might as well sell some of them off, considering that I’ve gotten about 60-80 of them on each of my accounts.

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