Monday, November 10, 2008

Almost time to change sides

Not much done yesterday, I just logged on to post to the AH and check for deals. I was able to pick up the Gnomish World Enlarger for about 2.5 gold, which is less than the cost of mats, and a Mind Control cap for about 1.8 gold, which I’ll send to my rogue. My rogue is currently in the Alterac mountains, camping the goblin vendor for the Mithril Mechanical Dragonling plans, and the vendor outside for the Ironfeather Shoulders recipe.
I’ve gotten about 4 of those, and I’ll be able to sell them for about 25 gold each. I also finished up my last quests for Hangfire in Darkshore, so he can go to Westfall and knock out the quests for the Deadmines. Once all my characters have gone thru the Deadmines, I’m going to start playing my Horde characters again, so that’ll be a fun change.

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