Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A day in the life of a Fury Warrior

Bullkathos traveled a lot these weekend, met new and interesting monsters, and killed them. I started out by fishing for the Sartheris Striker (fishing quest) and doing the troll killing quests in STV, since I needed 30 of them for the “Cyclonian” warrior quest. Since I was there, I decided to do a bunch of the other troll killing quests that were offered in Grom’gol, then I went to scout out Nessingwary’s expedition. I didn’t do the different beast killing quests, but I’ll probably get around to it.

After that, it was off to Swamp of Sorrow for the last fish in the fishing quest. Here’s a hint: Don’t run along the southern mountains when you’re level 35-40, and want to complete the quest. Go along the northern path, fighting or avoiding the monsters and humanoids there. They’re lower level, and it gets you to a deserted shoreline, without pesky 42+ murlocs.

Following that, it was off to Desolace, to pick up some easy XP, or so I thought. I was level 39 and a half by then, so I thought I’d pick up some easy XP by doing the goblin turn-in quests, and talking to Martek (quest from goblins in Shimmering Flats). Well, I did those quests, and it wasn’t enough! So, I did the Badlands Reagent run, coupled with the Coyote tooth and the lesser elemental stone quests. Those quests take freakin’ forever! I also discovered the other quest giver by Martek gives the Blue Pearl Diving quest, which gives you the Flashbomb engineering recipe. I had already done diving there while I was in STV, so now I know where to go, if I decide it’s worth doing. Ehh, it probably is.

So now any character that goes to the Badlands will have a grocery list of easy turn-in quests. 9 Blue Pearls, 1 Frost Oil, 1 Gyrochronomatom, 1 lesser invisibility + 1 Healing potion, 2 Buzzard wings, talk to Sheena? (travel quest from Stonard). After that, I warped home to Thunder Bluff, got my level 40 skills, and jumped off Hunter Rise. I popped my Parachute Cloak, and landed right by a white wolf. It was Ghost Howl, and I guess I hadn’t done that quest with Bull, because the cloak dropped, so I was able to turn in the quest when I got my Gray Kodo mount from Bloodhoof village. I paid 76 gold for Riding skill training, and I think about 8 gold for the mount. Not bad, and I still had 240 gold remaining, hehe. After that, I rode over to Camp Taurajo, and flew to Dustwallow Marsh.

I did almost all the quests available there, with only a few from Tabetha and Rustsprocket remaining. I got camped by a level 45 rogue by North Point tower, when I was trying to rescue the crew member and get the supplies, but I logged out for a bit, and I wasn’t bothered when I came back in. Most of the quests were easy, and I discovered that they had added a bunch of new quests in the 2.3 patch. Before, when you met Jarl at Swamplight Manor, the first quest was 3 soothing spices, the 2nd was 20 spider eyes, and the 3rd was a moonsteel broadsword. The soothing spices are no problem, but the cost to make a moonsteel broadsword is prohibitive, and nobody really buys it on the AH. Now you kill 10 frogs around the house, get the 20 eyes, and go kill a level 36 murloc for his sword.

After I had finished the quests in the northern part of Dustwallow, I headed south, killed Deadmire, and did a few of the Tabetha quests. One of them was a travel quest to Beazil’s Wreck, which is a new area. Just east of Tabetha, you have to pop oozes by using electricity channeling into your body, and pick up crates of supplies. Pretty fun, actually.

What wasn’t fun was the Flamekin dragonkin/Mor’rok supplies/dragonling quests. I don’t mind the specified “kill X number of these monsters” type of quest, but I hate the drop rate quests, when you have to depend on chance to give you a quest item drop. I did pretty well fighting the dragonkin, even when I had 3 of them grouped up on me. Fury warrior means a lot of rage, and a lot of multi-hits. I’d start fights with Berzerker rage, hit my macro to lower their chance to hit and to daze them, and continue with a Dense dynamite blast. I’d have a lot of rage built up by then, so I’d activate Sweeping Strikes, then finish them off with Cleaves. After I got the flight point for Rustsprocket, I hearthed home to dump off my items, include a nice blue lvl 31 ring (Ring of the Underwood?) that had +2 str/10 agi/3 stamina that I think I’ll save for my druid. Then I teleported to Gadgetzan, did the Gadgetzan water dowsing quest (run west to a pool of water, channel for a couple of seconds, and mount up!! before 2 lvl 47 beetles kill you. I went to the Shimmering flats, turned in a couple of quests, hearthed home, flew to Ratchet for a turn-in, and then went to Booty bay for a turn-in. I’ve been thinking about how Stranglethorn is set up, and it finally makes sense. It seems that the monsters get higher in level the closer you get to Booty Bay, which makes sense, because Alliance are coming down from Darkshore, and Horde are fighting down from the Grom’gol base camp.

On a side note, I’m a big believer in buffing up my characters with scrolls, potions, and stamina from being well-fed. I also discovered the charges on the Pendant of the Agate Shield and the Aquamarine pendant of the Warrior stack on top of the previous buffs. So, Bullkathos was usually running around with +12 stamina from SpiderSausage, +12 from the Aquamarine Pendant of the Warrior, and +12 from a level 3 or 4 Stamina scroll. 360+ extra health, not bad! I’ll have to add that to my shopping list to look out for on the AH, because it doesn’t seem like you can repair the 10 charges on the necklace. I’ll have to check once I deplete it all the way. I’m not going to make them myself, that would be foolish! :)

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