Monday, November 10, 2008

Still More of Ryo

I am poised to max out my Engineering at 240 on Gwiddonyn (lvl 22 Warlock). I made some unstable triggers to level from 225 to 232 Engineering, since I’ll need them to make the Parachute Cloaks. Luckily, I had found one on the AH the day before, so I only need to make 6. Clockwrkmage doesn’t need it, Preyonyou is a priest (and non-engineer), and Doomslinger is going to be my level 19 Twink for a while, so there’s no need to clutter up her inventory. I’ll make another cloak for Doom when I hit 35 on Gwiddonyn, and am ready to powerlevel to 315 Engineering.
I also played Ryoushigishi in Redridge for a while, killing Dire Condors for Tough Condor meat. Not the funnest grind, but I figured I might as well have my skinner do it, since you get the Black Dragon Whelpling adds all the time, because their flight paths bring them by the Dire Condors. Might as well get the leather, because that sells for a good amount on Daggerspine. 25-35 silver for a 20 stack of Ruined Leather Scraps, 75-99 silver for a 20 stack of Light Leather…..Skinners must be in short supply here. On Demonsoul those kind of mats are cheap as heck. I also wandered further southeast, and killed the Outrunner Orcs for the 10 Battleworn Axes. That was a challenge once, as I had 4 20-22 Outrunner & Warlock Orcs beating on me, a level 22 Hunter. I had to pull out a Land Mine, and that took out most of the problem.

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