Monday, November 10, 2008

Stacking the Deck in the AH

I was sniffly most of the Thanksgiving holiday, and it carried over into the workweek. I took yesterday off from work because my throat was killing me, and because I just felt like it. I hardly ever take time off, and since I’m kinda thinking of going for another job, I might as well use up sick days.
So, I got Kishigishi to lvl 225 engineering in Stormwind, skipping some of the recipes available (since she’s going to be going goblin at level 35, equipped my handy dandy parachute cape, and set off for Westfall to do the Tome of Valor quest, which I figured I’d knock out since it was paladin only, and my only quest left in Westfall.
It’s funny, when I checked Thottbot for info on the Tome of Valor quest, they were saying that it wasn’t possible to get 2k armor at lvl 22, and the quest was really difficult without help. With all the scroll/potion/food buffs, I was about 1900+, and had 950 life. The three waves of Defias didn’t stand a chance, especially since I buffed the NPC with Stamina and Protection scrolls as well.
There, I’m finished with Westfall until I get a PUG for the Deadmines. I don’t like Pick Up Groups much, but we can usually muddle through, and I don’t especially care about drops. But for right now, off to Redridge!
She’s level 22, and I was able to defend myself against up to 2-3 level 22 orcs or murlocs that I was fighting at various times. I didn’t die, and I only had to bubble shield once, to get away when I was swarmed by 5 murlocs. I was using Big Iron Bombs and Explosive Sheep, and the sheep haven’t been living up to my idea of using them as long range homing missiles. You have to get as close as you would while tossing a bomb, but maybe if you run after you see the sheep start trotting towards the target you selected, it would help. I’m just trying to figure some way to get around the cooldown timer, or get some time elapsed by the time the monsters start fighting you. I need to send her to Thelgen Rock now, since she’s high enough to take on the spiders, and I want to get her to 155 mining skill, so she can powerlevel to Mithril smelting as well.
I have to say, I’m having fun playing Tsuris (Shaman). The ghost wolf form with 40% faster run speed makes traveling so much easier, and it’s totally free, with a easy quest chain to unlock it (if I remember correctly). I’ve heard the Paladin and Warlock mount quests are hard, and require some help to complete. I have no problem throwing money at a problem (like buying mats on the AH), yet for some reason I’m reluctant to ask friends for help, or buy a high level’s help to complete a quest. Anyways, traveling as a shaman is fun, and so is going Enhancement spec. I think I’d like to be a tank with my Warrior/Pally/Shaman/Druid, because I at least try to understand threat generation, and can use engineering items to get threat targetted on me.
I need to go Enhancement for my Horde Shaman Kukoshakaku, and also transfer off the 500+ gold he has on him, since he won’t need it for a first mount, lol. He’s been my “Decent Priced” person for Vision Dust and Lesser Nether Essence for a while now, while Bloodshrike and Banesidhe are the mean, terrible people that price higher than him. So, he’s got loads of money that he can’t do anything with. He’s level 20, with level 225 Leatherworking, and he’s bought up all the slots in his bank. All I can do now is level him, and get the mats to powerlevel him thru 1-225 Engineering. Waaah, life is so hard for me. /violin
Yeah right, I would be lucky to keep up with my well rested bonus. If I played each character enough to burn through their well rested XP of 1.5 levels, that would probably take me at least 2 hours each. Say I only played 1 character per night. With 20 characters (Well, 18, since I have a twink on each account), and the fact that it only takes 10 days to completely fill your well rested bonus again (1 bubble per 8 hours, 30 bubbles total), I’m never going to run out, ever ever ever!

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