Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time to cash in my winter retirement fund.....

Friday I went to bed early because I had gotten a flu shot and I had been staying up until 3 am last week anyway. Saturday morning I logged on to discover that it was Feast of Winter Veil time! I had been saving almost every small egg I ran across, in preparation for this time of year. I had about 140 eggs on Demon Soul, and about 120 on Dagger spine. I made enough Gingerbread cookies for all my alts on each server, and then made more to sell off on the AH. I sold them at 3.5 gold for a 5 stack, and I sold out within the first hour. Well, when other people are selling at 3 gold for 1 small egg, my prices were very attractive. I even sold off the other 4 Glasses of milk that I bought from the inn, since the quest only requires 5 gingerbread cookies and 1 glass of milk. I saw the 1x Glass of milk in the AH at 50 silver, so I’d price them at 25-35 silver, and they all sold! People are very, very, very lazy in this game.

Saturday night I was able to turn in the gingerbread cookies for all my horde characters, run to Thrall’s chambers and then hearth back to TB to turn in the “Reason for the Season” book to Cairne Bloodhoof (Ally characters have it easy, they only have to run to the Explorer’s League quarters, and then to the King of Ironforge.)

Sunday was my parents 50th anniversary up in Sacramento, so that took up most of my day. I was only able to log on with a couple of Ally characters to turn in the quests, but I did spend most of that 70 gold I picked up from selling eggs. It’s a habit of mine to always check the containers section, just in case they have Fel Iron Toolboxes or Travelers Bags for cheap. Well, I saw a Bag of Hides (24 slot LW bag) for only 65 gold, whereas before it had been going for 100+ gold. I price checked the mats for it, and on Daggerspine, it would cost way more than 90 gold to make that bag. So, I snapped it up quickly, and sent it to Tsuris. I’ve bought out all the bag slots for my Leatherworkers on both servers, because they seem to need a lot of different mats, not to mention all the 225-300 LW recipes I’ve gotten off the AH.

I was able to get some of the Feast of Winter Veil quests for my Horde characters, since 4 of them are level 30+. I’m going to try to knock those out this week, and hopefully get the Winter’s Edge recipe (BS), Gloves of the Greatfather (LW), and the Snowmaster 9000 (Eng). I did buy a full 14 slot bag of Snowballs for each of the servers, so I can sell them off later next year for 2 gold per 20 stack. It’s only 10 copper for a 5 stack, so only 40 copper for a 20 stack is a good deal. I think they also spawn in the Alterac mountains at this time of year, but it’s a lot easier to just buy them now, instead of collecting them one at a time while I’m there. I thought they were pretty useless, just used to have snowball fights and to make the Snowmaster 9000, but you also need them to summon the non-attack pets you get from the Feast of Winter Veil quests/presents.

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