Monday, November 10, 2008

Corpse Running FTW!

W007! Level 20 on my druid Hangfire! Only my paladin is left to get to level 20 now, and then I’ll go back to my Horde account for a while. I had left my Druid resting in the Inn at Astranaar in Ashenvale, so I ran over to Silverwing Refuge to get cookbooks for everyone, since I’ve gotten all of my characters to 125 cooking at least. Since I was close, I decided to go thru the Talondeep path into Stonetalon, and get the flightpath there. I’ve heard that druids are tough opponents, but after playing my other characters, I’ve found some drawbacks. Yes, they can shapeshift, but at what price? When shapeshifted, you can’t use items like healing potions and engineering goodies, and you can’t heal yourself. If you shapeshift back to human form to set a bomb, you lose all that rage/energy that you’ve built up. I might just become an Elementalist druid, only switching to bear/cat form for tough, single opponents.
On my Horde account, I’m just chilling, keeping up with my Arcanite Bar transmute and Mooncloth transmute. I have 30 mooncloth right now, and I’ve already used some in making a Mooncloth bag (16 slot non-BOE). I found that you can actually buy Felcloth in Winterspring, instead of buying it at inflated prices on the AH, so I sent my level 16 Tauren druid over to Moonglade with about 50 gold to stock up. I had him drown himself, then I went corpse traveling in spirit form to Winterspring. So much easier than jumpfrogging my corpse, and getting all my equipment to 0 durability within the first few deaths. That came later . So I got to the goblin village in Winterspring, logged out, logged back in, and rezzed at the spirit healer right by the village. Grabbed the flight path, and took off running south down the path. I got about halfway down, and a bear killed me. I was expecting it though, so I didn’t care. But, I found out there’s another Spirit Healer in Winterspring, about 10 feet from where I got killed, so that worked out well. I ran to my corpse, stood on the outermost edge of where I could resurrect, and took off running again. I didn’t get killed again until I got to the 2 demon guards in front of the first cave in Darkwhisper Gorge, where Vi’el the imp vendor is. They killed me in one hit, and killed me again about halfway to the cave after I rezz’d. The Fel hound outside killed me right in front of the cave, and I finally rezz’d right behind Vi’el. He has a limited supply of Gromsblood at 10 silver (up to 5 at a time) and Felcloth at 80 silver (up to 2 at a time), so I’m just going to leave the druid there to stock up.

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