Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Who dropped the Maytag in Gnomeregan?

Happy New Year! I turned 30 on Friday, so I spent the weekend enjoying my presents. I got a XBOX 360, Halo 3, Lost Planet, and James Bond Volume 4 movie pack. Not a bad haul. I was also off on vacation during this first week of 2008, so I was able to make money on the AH (of course), as well as level a few characters. My BE paladin Clockworknyt was able to solo Shadowfang Keep as far as the stables at level 26, so she could pick up the last item for her polearm quest. This prompted me to start leveling my Human paladin, and she ended up soloing it at lvl 29. Now I have to do a PUG for Deadmines, or have a guildie run me through, since the paladin hasn’t done that instance at all.

Thrillkiller still hasn’t been able to sell the Barbaric Iron recipes on the Neutral AH, even though my price has dropped. I started at 25-50 gold, and now it’s down to 10-20 gold. If I was a Ally blacksmith, I’d jump at the chance for Horde recipes. They’re about the only items that use Sharp Tooth's as a mat, because nobody seems to want to use Rage Potions since it puts a cooldown on Healing Potions.

Ryoushigishi is now level 29 as well, making my Ally account mostly 25-30’s. They’re fast approaching the level of my Horde account, and have about the same amount of gold. Alliance seems to buy everything on the AH, as long as you know what you’re doing. I think if I make another account, I’d just make my money from mining and skinning, and avoid the hassle of rebreaking enchanting mats and constantly posting them. It’s lucrative, but time-consuming. I’d only do it for the Vision dust/Lesser Nether Essence/Small Radiant Shard level mats or higher.

I just discovered that Shadoweave items are not listed as recipes from your regular tailoring trainers. They have their own trainers, which are Josephine Lister in the Magic Quarter of Undercity, and some trainer in the Slaughtered Lamb of Stormwind. Makes sense to place them near the Warlock trainers, since the items give + Shadow damage, but why not have the regular trainers list the recipes, especially since you can now learn up to 300 tailoring in the capitol cities? I made a couple of the gloves, and put them on the AH. I think there’s a good chance that they’ll sell, since both warlocks and Shadow Priests can use them.

I had Bloodshrike go to Booty Bay and teleport over to Gnomeregan. There’s only one Horde quest that he could do, but I wanted to take a look. I was able to do the neutral Blastmaster quest, where you help the Alliance gnome inspect the tunnels, then fight off waves of troggs. Annoying, but would probably be doable at level 30 for my other toons. It’s amazing how much I’ve learned from BRK’s blog on how to play hunters. I remember when I first started, and had never done an instance before, and wandered into Ragefire Chasm by mistake. I got slaughtered, and vowed to come back at a higher level. I got a PUG for it (I think) and cleared it, but I also came back at level 22 confident that I’d be able to take them down. They’re only level 13 Elites, right rite? I got slaughtered by the troggs again. In comparison, my level 26 Paladin was able to get to the stables in SFK, and would probably be able to go all the way through the instance if I had enough time, and those are level 20-22 Elites, attacking in groups quite often.

Anyways, back to Bloodshrike. I’m wandering around Gnomer, trying to figure it out, and I find the Alliance rest station in the middle of it. They get a mailbox, vendors to sell off junk, and …. a washing machine to do laundry? The Sparkle-o-matic isn’t really worth doing. I washed about 20 Grime encrusted objects, and got about 7 rough stones, 1 heavy stone, 1 copper ore, 2 tin ore, 4 Tigerseye, 4 Malachite, and assorted junk. This was for 3 silver a pop, so 3 silver x 20 = 60 silver. Not bad, not good either. While I was there, I was playing around with my macro’s, and put Concussive Shot and Scorpid Sting on the same button, with a cast sequence. This frees up my F button for Multi-shot, and I usually let my Auto shot/Arcane shot do most of the work, popping off a concussive/scorpid only occasionally.

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