Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Moar time with my favorite pint-sized warlock

I finally got back to Gwiddonyn, my level 23 Warlock, who was sitting on the shore in Ashenvale, not getting any well-rested XP. I killed Ruzuul, got my 20 Mirefin heads, and went to kill Dal Bloodclaw and get Elune’s Tear before returning to Astranaar. After that I got the Iron Rod up by Feralas, and went into it to get the flight point. Stupidly, I tried to run back down to Ashenvale, instead of just flying back. I got killed a few times, and finally just ran back to Astranaar as a ghost. As I got close to the town, I decided to just keep my ghost status, and ran thru the Talondeep Path. I turned in “On Guard in Stonetalon” with the Ally NPC by the southern graveyard in Stonetalon, once I had logged out and logged back in. I also picked up the quest from Gaxim for the easy travel quest to Ironforge. I decided not to kill the goblin treecutters for Gaxim, since it’s a quest chain that ends in killing Dust Devils in Westfall, and the drop rate sucks. Likewise, I decided not to do the “Pridewings of Stonetalon,” because it was going to take too long, and I needed to get to bed.

So, I ran up to northern part of Stonetalon, and before I could get to the flight point, I stumbled across a level 22 Orc Hunter. We traded kills for a bit, and he did pretty well. He kept running around and avoiding my bomb blast areas, which was quite annoying. I think we got 2 kills each, and I decided I had had enough with my second win. So, I hopped a flight back to Astranaar, and tucked Gwiddonyn in the Inn for some needed rest.
Doh!!! I just realized what I’ve been doing wrong in PvP. Warlocks Fear Humanoids and Beasts. I should have Feared him or his pet, slapped my mind control cap on, and sent him into the middle of a bunch of monsters. Also, if I’m a hunter against a hunter, wouldn’t Scare Beast work? Fear is a legitimate spell to use, it just sucks when you go up against someone who uses it.

On a different note, I’ve been having every character that makes it over to Southshore stay there for while. Why? 3 fishing pools that spawn at least every hour. It’s a great place to get the fish tracking book if you haven’t picked it up, and the Alchemy supply vendor in the building just north of the inn has lvl 21 greater healing potions for sale regularly, along with the fire protection potion recipe. And, just west of that, the trade supply vendor has the lesser Deflection recipe on sale almost always. I think there’s only a 10 minute respawn on it or something, because I can ALWAYS get it when I log on. I finally flew back to Ironforge, since she was getting full of fish and items. I probably got about 45 Firefin Snappers, 25 Oily Blackmouth, 15 Stranglekelp, 18 medium leather, 3 heavy leather, and bolts of wool & silk cloth. Not bad for logging in for 2-3 minutes at a time.
I know it’s probably boring to hear about how much gold someone else has, but I am kinda excited. How cool is it to have a level 22 character open their mailbox, select open all, walk away from the computer, and come back 100 gold richer? Clockwrkmage had 257 gold when I opened it, and came back to 360 gold. My warrior is also getting to be rich too, based off of just selling enchanting rods and twink armor. I had also snapped up the mithril shield spike recipe on the AH for a 3g buyout, and immediately relisted it for 20-30 gold. It got bought out, so that was a nice bit of profit. I think the lvl 24 warrior has about 450 gold now.

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