Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bullkathos' Day in the Snow


Horde account got 2 more patterns of Gloves of the Greatfather, wooo….. I’ll be able to sell those off during the year, but I’d really like to get the enchanting recipe Winter’s Might. I ported Banesidhe over to UC, flew down to Tarren Mill, and tried to take on the Elite level 36 Abominable Greench. I couldn’t take him down, he kept polymorphing me, and my spells weren’t doing enough damage to him. I had to enlist some help to get him taken care of. However, my level 36 engineer Warrior Bullkathos had no such problems. I found the Greench, set off my Gnomish Attack Chicken, Mechanical Dragonling, and a Compact Harvest Reaper, and let the fun ensue. He kept polymorphing me as well, but with the chicken and dragonling critting him for about 200 damage consistently, his health dropped quickly. I think I used 1 Hi-Explosive bomb after a minute to take another 300 health off him, but my pets did most of the work.

Speaking of engineering, I still haven’t found a point where it doesn’t help me. Before I took on the Greench, I was northwest of Tarren Mill in Corahn’s Dagger, fighting level 33-34 mountain lions and Syndicate mobs. I was trying to boost my dagger skill, as I had picked up a level 37 dagger and enchanted it for Bull to use against the Greench. Well, I did get it from level 1-160, but I took down the Greench before I leveled to 37. Some level 33 Ally paladin kept attacking me while I was boosting my weapon skills, so I had to keep killing the sucka. Bombs and my chicken took him down quickly, even though he kept running around behind me and also using his silly little bubble. I normally don’t pvp, but if someone attacks me, I like to have a good offense.

That’s why I love engineering, it gives any character a lot more options for damage. I should have used my Death Ray to melt that paladin’s armor to his bones…….. :)

On a side note, I also turned in the prerequisite for Cyclonian, and tried to help a level 31 warrior who was doing the quest. That level 40 Elite Elemental is hard! I suppose I should have known it would be, because I normally wouldn’t take on an elite unless I was at/above their level, or playing as a hunter. He would uppercut us for 10 yards, or use twisters to suspend us in the air, and none of my attacks worked on him. We finally had to ask others in the zone for help, and a level 70 hunter took him down in a few shots. The quest requires items from trolls in STV, charms from the elementals in Arathi Highlands, and other items. I’d like to do the quest before I turn 40, so I think I’ll have Bloodshrike gather the charms. Not sure if the other items can only be gathered by a warrior that’s on the quest, but I know the charms can be gathered by anybody.

Now that I’ve gotten my highest 3 characters thru the Greench quest, I need to take them to Tanaris and do the Reindeer quest. My Hunter and Warrior shouldn’t have problems with it, since they’ll be able to use pets/trinket pets/target dummies to distract the pirates, but my mage might suffer. After I do that, I’ll work on my rogue to get him to 35, take up engineering, and kick some Greench butt before he’s gone for the season.

(Edit: Thrillkiller wasn’t able to do it in time. He’s still in Booty Bay, waiting for buyers for the Horde BS recipes. I did find out that Throat Piercers (throwing daggers with +2 agility, buyable from Tranquillien for about 10 silver) will sell on the NAH for 20 gold, probably for twink rogues/warriors.

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