Monday, November 10, 2008

Casualties of War

New patch!!! You can now pick tracking on the minimap, and Pickup quests (like the beached creature remains in Darkshore) now have an icon above them, as well as an icon on the minimap. Very cool.
I was playing my level 20 Draenai Priest in Darkshore, trying to finish up the non-group quests to get Darnassus rep, before going to Westfall to get the Deadmines (VC) quests. I picked up the last 3 beached creature remains, south of Murkdeep’s location, breezed thru “The Master’s Glaive” (a quest which I hadn’t ever tried before), then I went over and got “The Sleeper Awakens” quest by Onu. I’ve done this about 5 times now, hugging the eastern hills after the furlbogs, and not having to deal with being ambushed on the road by the furlbogs. Well, with the new patch, I was shown a quest that I hadn’t ever discovered before. Ranger Aynasha is tucked up in the eastern hills, right before you get to Ashenvale, and you have to do a protection quest called “One Shot One Kill” (don’t do it, it’s bugged).
Since I already had Terlonis with me, I figured he could earn his keep, and help me with the quest. We quickly took down the first wave, but I waited for about 3 minutes, and there was nothing else, so I decided to take off with Terlonis . Maybe the game won’t let you complete that quest while dragging an NPC character with you? Thottbot said there was 3 waves, but the clock was ticking, and I didn’t want to risk failing The Sleeper Awakens. So, I continued down into Ashenvale. I avoided the road so I wouldn’t get spotted, and get Terlonis ganked by killjoy Horde players. So, I veered east by Bathran’s Haunt, and got him killed by Forsaken Thugs and Herbalists. A much more noble death, imho. /headdesk
There was a Herbalist right by the hills I was going to be traveling on, so I fired on him. Well, that attracted 2 Forsaken Thugs, and they got Terlonis before I could get them to focus on me. Ah well, it was time to log out. I’ll continue on to Astranaar tomorrow.

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