Monday, November 10, 2008

Fun with Ryoushigishi

Booyaka! I am finally level 20+ on all of my characters on my Ally account, except for my future twink. I got my paladin Kishigishi to level 20, got the remaining 2/5 of the quests for VC (Deadmines), and got 2 level 20 quests (Onward to Ashenvale & the start of the Rethban Ore quest chain) in Stormwind. I’m getting the quest thing down to a science now. :p
I also decided to play my non-twink hunter Ryoushigishi, because I wanted to get over to Redridge and kill Goretusk Boars and Dire Condors to get enough of the items for the quest Redridge Goulash for all of my characters. Condor meat has a terrible drop rate, by the way. Well, I didn’t get over there, because I was doing the Murloc clearing quest in Westfall (Trouble on the Coast? Can’t remember). That part was easy enough. I’m level 21, and I’m taking on 6 level 18 murlocs at a time. I probably annoyed a level 18 Warlock I saw on the coast, because by the time he had turned around from killing a lvl 15 murloc warrior, I had cleared the beach of all the rest of them. The reason I didn’t get over to Redridge was because I was hoping for Captain Sander’s Treasure Map to drop from one of the murlocs, since it has a fun quest chain, and some decent exp and rewards. Nothing, for probably 2 hours of killing. I fished in every Oily Blackmouth pool I came across, and I had 45 Oily Blackmouth by the time I gave up. It’s supposed to drop from Tidehunters the most, but I killed everything I came across, including Brack, Slark, and Murk-Eye (about 4x), with no luck. I’ll try it again, after I’ve powerleveled Ryo’s Engineering to level 225. Like my Warlock, I had 4 Target dummies, and 13 Big Bronze Bombs when I went down to the coast. I used about 2 of each in the whole 2 hours…that’s just funny. With my paladin, I didn’t have a choice. When I was in the Gold Coast Quarry, or on the coast, and I got swarmed, I needed the stun effect from the bombs to be able to throw up a Target dummy, quickly heal, and start killing the adds.
I have at least 5 characters that are level 200+ in Engineering. Clockwrkmage, Aosdanasaoi, Panzergishi, Kishigishi, and Gwiddonyn. I need to get them all to level 225, so I can have Gwiddonyn make 8 Parachute Cloaks (my priest isn’t an engineer, and the mage of course has slowfall). I think I’ll have a high level enchant put on them, so I can use it for a long, long time. My mage topped out at 225 Enchanting, and the best she can do is +50 armor to cloaks, so I’ll have to tip someone to do it for me. I wonder if its item level is 35+, so I can get a 300+ level enchant on it. (Edit: The item level is 45, so I could get the +12 Agility Enchant. It’s gonna be expensive though.)
At level 195, you can learn the drop recipe Goblin Land Mine, which does an astounding 394-506 damage to a 5 yard area. At level 20, having that kind of damage available every 1 minute is pretty freakin’ cool. I should practice my frost trapping, like BRK says to do, but also toss the land mine into the rotation. You might as well hurt the mob, so you’ll have less to do once you deal with the rest of the enemies. I think it would be cool to lay down a land mine, lay down a frost trap right behind it, send your pet to attack a group of enemies, then put it on passive and bring it back over to you. Hopefully all the enemies would be massively hurt in the blast zone, and one would be taken out of the fight for 10 seconds.
I also need to test if the Spellpower Goggles Xtreme (Equippable at lvl 215 engineering, it increases damage and healing done by spells and effects up to 21) does indeed boost hunter shots. If it’s just Arcane shots, it would be a waste. But if not…..that would be a huge advantage, especially since non engineer hunters STILL wouldn’t have a green helm at level 20. I just need to suck it up, and buy a bunch of mithril bars off the AH to powerlevel the characters to 225. It’s just annoying because I’m used to the high population of Demon Soul, and Daggerspine seems to be low pop, with higher prices in the AH. Ahh well, can’t complain, since they also seem to gobble up the recipes that I’ve camped for. I just sold the Blue Dragonscale recipe that you can buy for 2 gold at the Lighthouse in Azshara (the vendors also have Chimeric Gloves at 1.2 gold, and the Deepdive Helmet recipe for 30 silver) for a whopping 25 gold buyout. Auctioneer had never seen it on the Ally account, so I figured I’d go for a high price. I’ve had to shuffle around my gold on the characters, but most of them now have at least 30-50 gold, with Gwiddonyn having 70 gold. Not bad for level 20 characters!

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