Tuesday, November 11, 2008

You're a Mean One, Mr. Greench!

I actually played on my Horde account last night! I want to knock out the Winter Veil quests, so last night around 2 am I went to the Alterac Mountains and looked for the Abominable Greench. I killed him almost immediately, and realized that I hadn’t found the snowman Sacks to pick up the “You’re a Mean One” quest to actually get the quest item from the Greench. So, I knocked out the Frostmaw quest while I was waiting, and about 2 minutes later the Greench started making noise. I killed him again, picked up the quest item, and hearthed back to Thunder Bluff. I turned in the Frostmaw quest, and took a ride to Orgrimmar to turn in the Smokeywood Pastures crate.

Unfortunately, I got the Blacksmithing Edge of Winter recipe, of which I had just bought twice for 5 g each, earmarking them for later resale. I’ll give it to Bullkathos, but I don’t think Thrillkiller needs to learn it, especially when I’m still up in the air about his professions. Hopefully Banesidhe will get the Enchanting Enchant Weapon - Winter's Might or Leatherworking Gloves of the Greatfather recipe, because the Engineering Snowmaster 9000 recipe doesn’t really appeal to me. I bought a ton of snowballs, and it’s almost not worth logging on to an alt just to make 1 snowball. I could see Bloodshrike and Bonescourge (at level 35) doing it, because they’d be logging on to do their Arcanite Bar transmutes anyway.
So, I can do the reindeer and Greench quest with Banesidhe as well, but I’m going to have to level Thrillkiller and Bullkathos if they were to hope to have a chance of taking the level 36 Elite Greench down, since they’re only lvl 30 and 32, respectively. I need to see how long the Greatfather will be in town, because we all know my problems of actually getting out and leveling. :)

Prior to all of this, Ryoushigishi was questing in the Wetlands, as I want to get him up to Southshore in the near future. I want to level up enough to be able to grind on the Red Whelplings in the Wetlands, to be able to get lots of mats for the Red Whelp Gloves, and perhaps a Crimson Whelpling non-attack pet will drop too.

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