Monday, November 10, 2008

All for engineering, and engineering for all.

I had to make 1 more Fel Iron toolbox last night for Bloodshrike, since he was running out of storage space for all the essences/motes/elemental/core of earth/heart of fire/ichor of undeath that I’ve been bidding on in the AH. I was trying to bid on Fel Iron Bars, but I remember them being 30 silver each on Demon Soul, and the price has jumped. So, I checked Thrillkiller (rogue), and found that he has about 100 Fel Iron Bars and 100 Thorium Bars that I had bid on, and sent to him for safekeeping. It’s nice being rich.
I sent a 20 stack over to Banesidhe (mage), and after I did my mooncloth transmute, I hearthed back to Shattrath, and tipped an engineer 3 gold to do 2 toolboxes for me, with my mats. I might equip one on Banesidhe, but it does make more sense for one of my many engineers to have it, since they’ll put it to more use. It’s cheap, cheap, cheap to make. 5 Fel Iron bars, 2 Fel Iron Bolts (1 bar each), and 1 Fel Iron casing (3 bars) = 10 bars total, or 20 Fel Iron Ore.
I also played a little, surprisingly enough. I want to knock out the dungeons as I’m leveling up, so I’m getting all my characters all the quests for the Deadmines first off. I found that Preyonyou, while level 26, still hadn’t picked up all the VC quests. That took a few hours to accomplish, since I was also doing the murloc quests on the coast, so I’d pick up the Captain Sanders treasure map quest. I did pick it up within my first few Warrior kills, so I was happy. I continued on to do the Defias Militia quest in the hills (Highwaymen, Knuckledusters, Pathfinders), and found that they aren’t necessary to get the VC quests. All you really need to do is fly back and forth between Stormwind, Lakeshire, and Westfall, and then kill the messenger. This unlocks 1 quest from Gryan Stoutmantle, and another quest becomes unlocked on top of the tower if you’ve killed the messenger. The last 3 quests can be picked up in Stormwind: 1 from Shoni the Silent, and the other 2 from Wilder Thistlenettle in a tavern that’s close by Shoni.
And finally, Hangfire is maxed at 225 Engineering. I really like the looks of the Parachute cloak, and I love the effect. I also discovered that the Iron Grenades give you the most bang for your buck. 1 Iron Bar + 1 silk cloth = 2 grenades that do 132 damage and stun for 3 seconds. No Heavy Blasting powder needed, which is good, because my characters are tapped out of Heavy stone and powder.
Including Kishi (still camped in Thelgen Rock), I will have 3 mining characters, all able to mine Mithril Ore. Preyonyou (until level 35, when she’ll go JC), Aosdanasaoi, and Kishigishi (once she gets to 155 mining, so I can powerlevel her with gold ore).
The breakdown for all professions on my Ally account is:
3 Miners - Preyonyou (until level 35, when she’ll go JC), Aosdanasaoi, and Kishigishi.
2 Skinners – Ryoushigishi and Doomslinger (until lvl 35, when she’ll go alchemy).
2 alchemists – Gwiddonyn and Doomslinger (at 35)
1 Tailor – Preyonyou.
1 Jewelcrafter – Preyonyou (at 35).
1 Enchanter – Clockwrkmage
1 Leatherworker – Tsuris.
1 Blacksmith – Panzergishi.
9 Engineers – Everyone except Preyonyou.
1 Herbalist – Hangfire
……and a partridge in a pear tree!

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