Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Kickin' names and takin butt.....wait, there's something wrong here

I worked on Clockwrkmage last night, because she’s stayed at level 20 for at least a couple months now. Since she’s my Ally enchanter, I need to get her to level 35 early, so she can get the 225-300 enchants ready for my other toons. I knocked out all the quests around Loch Modan, the area above the Badlands. I died a couple of times when I got swarmed, once when I was taking the rare trogg and his buddies in the excavation site, and the other time when I was taking on the ogre shamans. Once I regained my familiarity with spell/bomb/frost nova rotation, I didn’t have anymore problems. When I took on Chok’sul, I used Frost bolt and Fireblast on him, dropped a Goblin Land mine, froze him and his buddies in place, and used Flamestrike. Once the land mine went off, his buddies were dead, and he followed soon after. Pretty good for a level 22 Mage, taking on 2 level 22 ogres and a level 22 Elite. Squishies can kick butt too!
Morticide is currently serving as my Horde Darkmoon Faire farmer, logging in every hour or so to scan for higher level herbs, motes, and high level gems that I can sell for a profit or use myself. I also buy the level 35 healing potions, since 10 silver is a steal considering what the mats could sell for on the AH. Level 2 and 3 scrolls are nice to pick up, since you can just send them off to other characters, and they’re always on sale.

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