Saturday, November 15, 2008

Oh, don't hit THAT big red button? I thought you meant the other one...

I finished powerleveling Ryo last night, ending at 290 engineering. That’s high enough to learn all the recipes available from the trainers in Ironforge/Gadgetzan, and the next level of Gnomish engineering recipes isn’t until 325, so I’ll have to be level 50. With the lack of Truesilver bars, I was only able to make 6 Mithril Mechanical Dragonlings, so probably Aosdanasaoi will have to make the other 3, or perhaps 12 if I want to have all of them made, and not have to worry about it later on.

I was able to send 6 Truesilver Transformers over to Kishigishi, so I made 3 Goblin Jumper Cables XL. I had Kishi put 2 on the AH at 50-65 gold, and sent 1 to Clockwrkmage to put it on at 70-80 gold. We’ll see how well they sell. I also had Kishi go over to the Arathi Highlands to get into Drywhisker Gorge, to powerlevel mining by keeping her in that cave. I had let off a Compact Harvest Reaper kit on the way up there, to help me kill the Drywhisker Prospector kobolds, but it kinda backfired on me. I’m level 36, going up against level 36-37 kobolds, and then I pass by a level 38 BE paladin. My mechanical reaper kit attacks her, so I quickly shift gears and follow suit. I would have left her alone, but I doubt she would have appreciated my saying “sorry,” and would have backed off. So, I attacked! I was doing pretty well, till the little cockroach bubbled up, then she healed herself and came back with a vengeance. I had used my Dense dynamite early in the fight, and used a lvl 35 healing potion later on, but I still had options. I was probably about 25% health, and she had 30% health, when I came up with the idea of using my Gnomish Harm Prevention belt. I smacked my hotkey, or what I thought was my hotkey, and I started channeling something. What the??? Needless to say, I got killed. It turns out I was powering up my Death Ray. Now, if I HAD gotten my Harm Prevention belt up and running, I could have beat her down, or used my Death Ray in safety, and melted her armor to her bones. Know your hotkeys, people!

After I ran all the way back from the graveyard, I got inside the Gorge. That’s a nice place to level mining, with Lesser Bloodstone veins and Mithril/Iron Veins all over the place. The Lesser Bloodstone was already gray to me, but the Mithril is yellow, so I was gaining a point every time I started a new mithril vein. Unfortunately, either because it’s so close to the Horde encampment, or because it’s a hotly contested area due to people recognizing the mining potential there…..I got killed. Some ??? mage came in and critted me with 3300 frost damage while I was mining. C’est la vie, such is life. At least when you get killed by another player, you don’t get any durability damage, you just lose your buffs. I ran back from the middle of the map to the east side of the map AGAIN, resurrected, found a spot in the back of the cave, and logged out. I’ll see how much it’s contested tomorrow, as I might just go to the spider cave in Dustwallow, and repeat Thrillkiller’s success. Kishi would level fast against level 36-37 spiders, and be able to get up to level 230+ mining while doing it. And, since she has +10 to mining from the enchant on her gloves and her Mining helmet, I’ll be ready for any Thorium vein I run across.

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