Friday, November 14, 2008

Kishi wants a pet Bombling!

It’s all about the Goblin, baby! I finally got to be able to powerlevel it, and it went pretty well. I started by having Tsuris send over the 7 Dusky Belts he had made while powerleveling, so I could make the Gnomish Harm Prevention Belts for all my non-cloth wearers. I made a few Mithril casings to get to 232 engineering, then the 7 belts, which got me to 239. Going back to the trainer got me the Gnomish Battle Chicken plans, and that got me to 240, where I was able to do the Death ray trinket (by the way, no engineering skill is required to use it). After that, engineering got dumped, and immediately relearned. I powerleveled it back to 200, and talked to the Gnomish engineering trainer in Ironforge, who advised me to go to Tanaris and read the “Soothsaying for Dummies” book to respecc my profession. I traveled to Dustwallow Marsh, then went south along the mountain coast. This brought me out right at Steamwheedle port, and I was able to respecialize at Narain’s house. After that, I ran over to Gadgetzan, got the flight point, and hearthed back to Ironforge. It says on my General Tab that I’m a Goblin Engineer, but I’m not a card-carrying one. I’d like to be but aren’t. Reading the book supersedes getting the quest, and apparently the need for a card too. While I was in Gadgetzan, I was able to talk to Nixx, and pick up a few of the lowest level Goblin recipes (Construction helmet and Mining helmet). However, he does not offer Membership card renewal, which means I can’t gamble on getting the Pet Bombling recipe as a reward from renewing the card. Unless there’s another trainer that will allow me to renew, I’m outta luck. I can still get all the Goblin recipes, but what happens when 14 days in game time go by? Will I be locked out of Goblin Engineering? What is weird is that the Gnomish engineering trainer did have the membership card renewal available still, so I tried that to see if there was a glitch, and it would reward me with the Bombling recipe. I’ll have to wait 24 hours to see if I get the schematic in the mail, otherwise I’ll have to go to a GM.

(Edit 11/14/08)- Nope, once you choose a specialization, that's it. You can never get the other spec's non-attack pet. You can drop Gnomish engineering, respecc in Goblin, get all the Goblin recipes, but you'll never be able to get the Pet Bombling. And vice-versa, if you go Goblin first, you'll never get Lil' Smokey by respeccing. I usually have my Paladins gamble until they get the Lil' Smokey recipe, THEN respecc and go Goblin.

I also was pondering where to go to powerlevel my mining skills, as I like to be prepared for any vein I run across. Dustwallow Marsh has a spider cave in the north west that has a few Mithril veins that spawn. I think Kishi will need to spend some time there, and get her mining up to at least 220, so she can use the mining enchant gloves and the mining helmet to mine Truesilver veins. There’s a few Truesilver veins that spawn in the Shimmering flats, and that’s probably where I’ll be leveling her next, so I’d like to be prepared. I sent Hangfire to Azshara to camp for Deepdive helmet schematics, and I’ll send Ryo to the Hinterlands for the Mithril Mechanical Dragonling recipe, since I’ve long since sold all the ones I’ve picked up.

I do hope I’ll be able to get the Pet Bombling schematic, since I got and made the Lil’ Smokey non-attack pet, and it would cool to switch between the 2 pets and impress people. If I do go Gnomish then Goblin with Clockwrknyt on my Horde account, I think I’ll wait until I turn level 35, accept BOTH specialization quests, turn in Gnomish first, and hopefully the Goblin one will stick around.
Oooh, one last thing, I also came up with a new Macro for paladins.
/cast Divine Protection
/equip Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt
This is nice for when you’re about to get ganked, or need some extra protection for a boss. You bubble up of course, but you also equip your handy-dandy little Gnomish Harm Prevention belt, automatically swapping it for whatever belt you currently have equipped. This starts the cooldown of 30 seconds before using it, but you still have a few seconds of Protection left (depending on what level of Divine Protection you’ve unlocked), so there should only be a little bit of unprotection before you have a fresh, longer lasting bubble up. The funny thing about the belt is that when it backfires, it still protects you. With the Jumper cables, if they don’t work, it just activates the cooldown timer. With the belt, if it backfires, you get Banished. You’re invulnerable to all damage for 20 seconds, but you can’t take any action (so Thottbot says).

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