Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A Plethora of updates

Ryoushigishi hit level 30!! I can now get the specialization quest for gnomish engineering, and go to Booty Bay to talk to the trainer there. Only 5 character levels before I can increase my engineering max level to 300. I did this last level in the Wetlands, killing raptors and Red Whelplings for their hides, and hoping for Red Whelp scales to drop. I also did Dark Iron War in Bael Modan, which involves killing about 20-25 lvl 29 Dark Iron Dwarves. Pretty easy with a lvl 29 Hunter, and I discovered a friendly vendor Dark Iron Entrepreneur in the upper left building, where I found the last 3 Dark Iron Demolitionists hiding out.

After that, it was time to check auctions. Daggerspine must have a limited amount of Blacksmiths, because my Silver Rods and Golden Rods will sell for 2-3 gold and 4-6 gold, respectively. My Blacksmith warrior Panzergishi currently has about 250 gold, and he’s only level 24. Though, as usual, it’s hard as heckfire to sell any armor or weapons that are crafted, unless it’s the Shining Silver Breastplate or Green Iron Hauberk.

I did decide to drop Blacksmithing on Thrillkiller, over on my Horde server. He’s my highest miner, and I’d be kicking myself every time I passed metal veins that I could be picking up. Bullkathos will be fine being my only blacksmith, since they can respec for a measly 100g a pop. That’s nothing compared with the arduous and expensive process that leveling blacksmithing takes. I know I’m wasting all the 1-225 recipes I picked up, but like when I dumped Leatherworking and Skinning on Bullkathos, it was something that had to be done.

At least my Ally account was planned out properly, I only dumped level 125 leatherworking on Aosdanasaoi when I became convinced that Engineering for all characters was the way to go. It still is, in my opinion. The armor/weapons you can make for yourself can easily be duplicated by stuff you buy off the Auction House instead, but the sheer joy of blasting 4-6 enemies at once with about 350 damage for a total of 1400 to 2100 damage, then dumping most of that aggro with a nicely timed Target Dummy…..it’s fun squared.

I also got rid of my n00b hunter weapons on Bloodshrike. I had a sword and axe that had a total of about 10 stamina and 5 agility, with Fiery on both of them, so I replaced them with a 2-handed sword with 12 stamina and agility, and had Banesidhe put +3 intellect on it. It’s not much, but it’s better than nothing, and I only have melee and spirit enchants to put on at this point, since I haven’t gotten any kind of faction recipes.

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